While I’ve always admired the magnificence of the London Eye from a distance, up close, the almost regal structure and her 32 capsules are breathtaking to look at.  The number of capsules represent the number of boroughs in London, each weighing 11 tonne and accommodating up to 28 people in peak periods.


A View From the Top on The London Eye - High Point


Opening in the year 2000, she took 7 years to build and has since had over 30 million visitors! That’s more than the Taj Mahal (one of the 7 wonders of the world)!The rotations commence at 10am with the latest concluding between 8:30pm and 9.30pm (depending on what time of the year you visit).  Whether you visit day or night, the panorama will be spectacular, however if you are able to arrive around sunset be prepared to be mesmerized and overwhelmed by the contrasts of this exciting city.

At the highest peak, the London Eye stands at 135 meters high at South Bank on the River Thames. She is known as the 3rd largest Ferris Wheel on the planet. As I’m standing right beside her, each capsule seems to resemble a space craft or something from a Sci Fi movie. From the top, you can see views for up to 25 miles (40 kms).


A View From the Top on The London Eye - Wheel


Each rotation will take about 30 mins. The journey is so smooth and peaceful that anyone who has any fear of heights may not even be aware they are revolving. It actually feels as if you are in a beautiful bubble hovering serenely over London.

The closest tube stations to visit the Eye are Waterloo and Embankment, with a short ten minute walk away. Upon arrival, the area is a tourist and photographer’s dream as the city backdrop with Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and so much more are waiting to be marveled at too.

A standard ticket entry ticket will cost approximately £19.20, with a Fast Track option costing around £29.16. The queue will be longer in the standard ticket option with longer waiting times. It is recommended you arrive 30 – 45 minutes beforehand. As a Fast Track ticket holder, arriving 15 minutes earlier is safest.


A View From the Top on The London Eye - Cabin


Private luxury capsule options are also available with Wine Tasting, Champagne, Chocolate and other romantic experiences. You can even create your own.

Included in the price is a 4D experience. This is a short 4 minute presentation with multi sensory effects such as bubbles, breezes and mists that will create the dynamic perception that you are included in the vivid reality of the cinematic journey. You will have the option of seeing the 4D experience either before or after your scheduled London Eye experience. Personally, I would suggest beforehand as it’s an exhilarating build up before hopping aboard the capsule.

I felt like an energized child again stepping off as I wanted to go for another spin. As I turned to walk away, I looked back over my shoulder at the London Eye in absolute amazement for the adventure I had just embarked upon.

For information on activities to do during your visit to London, please visit www.visitlondon.com


Have you been to the London Eye?