You may not know this, but Italy is known for it’s food.  Shock horror!  OK, take a breathe.  Have you recovered?  Yes the internet is full of amazing facts you never knew before.  Oh, you already knew that one?  Yes, yes Italy, more than any other country in the world, is know for it’s food.  People come here just to eat and drink and enjoy life.  While traveling through Italy we enjoyed some of the best Pizza and Pasta dishes we have ever had in our lives, so obviously we jumped at the chance to experience a food tour in Rome with Eating Italy Food Tours.


A Feast in Rome with Eating Italy Food Tour - Food Tour in Rome - Salami


Eating Italy food Tours offers three different food tours in Rome.  We picked the Trestaccio Tour so we could see an old part of town that we hadn’t visited yet, but they also provide tours closer to the city center.  The tour we selected starts in the middle of Trestaccio where you meet up with your guide and the other guests.  The tour groups are kept to a maximum of 14 to ensure that you enjoy the experience and that you don’t have to share too much of that yummy Italian food.

The ‘Food Tour’ concept is pretty simple.  You walk around Trestaccio enjoying the food each eatery has to offer.   How can that not be a great time?


A Feast in Rome with Eating Italy Food Tour - Food Tour in Rome - Pizza


One tip; make sure you come with an empty stomach.  You’re going to need every bit of room in there to fully enjoy the experience, as you will be stopping at no less than seven stops to have a taste of what Rome has to offer.  The stops are carefully selected to ensure you receive the best quality food.  For example the Pizza stop is at a location that was voted third best Pizzeria in Rome.  To put that in perspective there are several thousand Pizzerias in Rome.  That’s pretty impressive.

Along the way you will enjoy Pizza, pasta, cheese, wine, suppli’ (fried risotto ball), Cannoli, Tiramisu in chocolate cups and lastly gelato.  That’s all of Italy wrapped up in one tour!  All the food you will experience will be great tasting and have that authentic Italian flavor.


A Feast in Rome with Eating Italy Food Tour - Food Tour in Rome - Pasta


The tour is not only a food tour, but a history lesson as well.  While eating away the tour guide tells you all about the history and culture of the places you are visiting, including learning about restaurants that have been passed through several generations, how they use to transport the food around and how the food was produced.  The owners will come out and answer any questions you have.  It’s great to see people take such pride in what they do.

And in order to give your stomach a little bit of a break between snacks the tour includes ‘non-food’ stops.  While your stomach will be thanking you for a little digestion time, you will be seeing and learning about some of the other sites of the area.


A Feast in Rome with Eating Italy Food Tour - Food Tour in Rome - Gelato


After four hours on this wonderful tour you will find yourself back where you started.  You will probably find you weigh an extra pound or two and be ready to go back to the hotel to kick the feet up and you may even be full enough to bypass dinner… Nah, it’s Italy!


Have you ever been on a food tour?