There is no other way of saying this – SLOTHS ARE ADORABLE!

I had heard about the Sloth Sanctuary some time back and I knew if we ever got to Costa Rica we would have to visit. I am a HUGE sloth fan, as is Michael.

So today was the day! We were so excited about visiting the Sanctuary that Michael barely got any sleep the night before! It might have been the energy drink he had that night but let’s just say it was because he was excited about the sloths!


Sloth Sanctuary - Sloth Photo Essay


You can only visit the sanctuary through a guided tour. There are two different tours you can take. There is a standard $25 tour, Buttercup Tour, which takes you to the adult sloth area and a canoe ride (2 hours). Then there is the $150 tour (gasp), the Insiders Tour, which is the all access pass (4 hours)!

Yes I know that sounds expensive but look at this face…..


Sloth Sanctuary - Sloth Photo Essay


Could you say no to that? I think not! We were happy to fork over the cash because every cent goes to the animals at the sanctuary. We donate to animals charities every year so we felt like this was just part of those donations.

Okay, so what do you get for your 150 hard earned dollars? You get a tour of the adult sloth area, a canoe ride, access to the young sloths, access to the babies in incubators (!!), a tour through the sloth hospital and – Are you ready for this? – YOU GET TO HOLD A SLOTH!!


Costa Rica - Sloth Photo Essay


So yes, it was worth every penny!

During the canoe ride, which is about 45 minutes long, we witnessed a family of wild monkeys behaving like, well like monkeys! We also saw a few wild sloths and a baby crocodile.


Costa Rica Monkey - Sloth Photo Essay


However, our favorite part of the day was getting to cuddle a sloth. We got to cuddle Wally, who I think developed a little crush on me because he didn’t want to let go! I offered to take him home but sadly they didn’t go for it.

The Sanctuary runs on volunteers and donations. They take in any injured or sick sloth and nurses them back to health. Some times the sloths can be released back into the wild, other times for different reasons they cannot, so they remain at the Sanctuary for life. And it’s not a bad pace to be! You can clearly see the sloths are very well taken care of and its obvious all the volunteers love working with them.


Sloth Photo Essay - Sloth Sanctuary


They have two different types of sloths there; the 3 fingered and the 2 fingered sloth. And here is something I didn’t know – Sloths are related to armadillos and anteaters!

We had an amazing half day here and I can highly recommend it to anyone, even if you are not as obsessed with sloths as we are! Whether you do the standard tour or the full access tour, you will get a better understanding of these amazing creatures and of course you will get some photos of these cuties just like these….


Sloth Photo Essay - Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Sloth Sanctuary


Sloth Sanctuary


What’s the cutest animal you have ever seen up close?