The other day someone said to me “I wish I could do what you are doing”. And my reply – “Why don’t you then?”.

“If only it was that easy” he said. Well, it IS that easy. If you want something to happen then make it happen!

We didn’t have a genie grant us three wishes. We didn’t win the lottery. We didn’t inherit a million dollars from a long lost uncle.


We had a dream and we made it happen – beach shot


We knew what we wanted and we made it happen. How? Here’s how…

We knew we wanted to travel. You know, not just a vacation here and there but long term full time travel. So we researched how others had made it happen and we put together a plan of what we needed to do to have this dream turn into reality.


We had a dream and we made it happen – New York City


The biggest obstacle for most people, ourselves included, is having enough money. So that is what we focused on the most. We took all the information from the internet, utilizing mostly information on other long term travel blogs (because lets face it, they are living it so they probably have the most relevant information) and put together a budget.

We had a little cash saved up so we worked out how much more we needed and how we were going to get it. We worked hard but because we had the bigger picture in our minds it never bothered us.


We had a dream and we made it happen – Paris France Arc de Thriomph


And while it didn’t happen over night, soon enough there was sufficient funds in the bank to make our dreams come true.

How did we save this money? A few ways…

We gave up all the luxuries like shopping and eating out. We took lunch to work instead of buying it. We were complete tight asses when it came to money but we didn’t care; We had a goal and we were going to do anything to reach it!


We had a dream and we made it happen – Amsterdam Canals


We sold everything we owned (keeping only what had sentimental value). This meant books, DVDs, clothes, furniture… anything we had that we wouldn’t need while we were traveling.

We gave ourselves 12 months to save whatever we could and by the end of those 12 months we had enough to turn the dream into reality!


We had a dream and we made it happen – La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina Colorful Buildings


I am a big believer in if you want something bad enough you can make it happen. And this has been a dream of ours for years so we were going to make it happen no matter what. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.

There is nothing stopping you from long term travel if it’s really what you want. If you truly want it you will find a way to make it happen. Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams. Whether it be travel or anything else, you have one chance at this life so make it count!


Would you do what it takes to turn your dreams into reality? What is your main obstacle?


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