When we left Australia back in early 2012 we left with the simple aim of exploring the world for as long as possible. Today we hit 1000 days of travel. It’s pretty hard to believe it to be honest. Not that we didn’t think we would get here, but how fast it happened and how much we have seen along the way. This post is a quick look back at our time on the road.


Firstly the stats…

During our travel we have visited the following countries

Where we have been

As you can see we have loved North America, having spent half our time there. In fact if you throw in the Caribbean Islands, Costa Rica and Belize we are up to about 70% of our time there. It’s not that we haven’t enjoyed the other areas of the world (we have very much), it’s just we love North America. Europe has some incredible places, but it is far more expensive and we struggled with the language barrier at times (which isn’t a problem short term, but after months it can become tiresome).

Rather than go in depth about all the places we have been (this post would get very very long and we have a blog for you to search for that) we thought we would just answer some questions that we get asked the most.


Question 1 – What’s been your favorite country

This is by far the most often asked question. It is also the hardest to answer because it depends on so much. Some places are great, and you love them, but you could never see yourself living there, so can it be your favorite? Some places have great architecture, but the people aren’t very friendly. It is a very hard question. So, to make it easier on ourselves we have answered several “Favorite Country for…” and “Favorite Places…”


Favorite country for…

Nicole’s answer

Michael’s answer

Food France (Paris) Italy
Architecture France (Paris) Spain
Weather Bahamas Florida
Living Bahamas USA
Friendly People Bahamas Japan
Affordability Thailand Thailand
Wildlife Costa Rica Costa Rica
A one week vacation Switzerland Colorado – Rocky Mountains



Favorite places…

Nicole’s answer

Michael’s answer

Favorite Island Turks and Caicos Phi Phi Island
Top 5 Cities New York Barcelona
Paris New York
Vienna Amsterdam
Tokyo Singapore
Barcelona Paris



Question 2 – What is your favorite photo

I’m not going to even guess how many photos we have actually taken, but we currently have 14,485 photos on Dropbox. This excludes our photos from our phones and the tens of thousands we have deleted. That’s a lot of photos. Now which one is our favorite??? Here’s mine (Michael’s)



Yellowstone National Park


And Nicole’s…


Sunset at Venice Beach

Sunset at Venice Beach


Question 3 – What has been your worst experience

We have been pretty lucky to date that we haven’t had a truly terrible experience. A couple of minor ones that come to mind are a taxi driver scamming us out of $20 in Argentina and a Mexico hotel we stayed at that was overrun with cockroaches. But if that’s the worst thing that happens to us, we’re doing pretty well!


Question 4 – Best Experience

Nicole – Undoubtedly it was her first visit to Paris, which bought her to tears.

Michael – It’s hard to pick just one, but I’ll go with our USA road trip.


Question 5 – When are you going back home

No plans to yet. We will keep doing this while we love it. We don’t see why that won’t be for a while yet. Sorry family!


Last of all we want to thank all our readers. We have loved doing this blog and it kept us very busy. We love sharing our experiences with you all, and more so, we love hearing from you all. Thank you so much for your continued support. 

Here’s to another 1000 days!!!!!