If you are recently retired or have been enjoying your later years for some time, then travel is one luxury to which most will treat themselves. After all, you now have the time and the money to enjoy visiting new places and it is something that you should take advantage of if you can.

Of course, if you are planning your next trip, then where you will head to is key. It goes without saying that some holiday destinations are more suited to certain ages than others. Bustling Barcelona, for example, is probably best left for hip, young students, while Ibiza clubbing is certainly for the young ones! However, there are lot of places that you can travel to that will be perfect for what you want later in life.

One thing to really look at is finding somewhere that will help you feel younger and more relaxed while still having fun. This is great for your health and is not hard to do.



Top destinations for the elderly to feel younger

Being able to visit somewhere that makes you feel younger will be great for keeping you acting younger and having more energy. Here are some of the best places around to do just that:

  • Upper Rhine Valley in Germany – this is a great place for silver travelers to check out as it has the ideal mix of history and nature to enjoy. Located in the Rhine Gorge region of Germany around Koblenz, this will give you access to vineyards, wonderful scenery, and the chance of a relaxing river cruise from which to see it all. If you do not go in the height of summer, then it is great for those who do not want too much sun.
  • Cannes in France – while you don’t want anywhere too lively, you don’t want anywhere too boring either! Cannes is the perfect mix of glamour and glitz without being too debauched. The laid-back chic that you will find in the many cafés and bars is great to relax in and the beaches here are superb. Just remember to get some shade if you go in the summer months!
  • Lake Geneva in Switzerland – when it comes to heading somewhere truly rejuvenating, there are few better destinations than stunning Lake Geneva. The town of Montreux is highly recommended here for the many beautiful buildings and flowers there are to see. There is also a very manageable pedestrian walkway through the town. If you like cooler winter holidays, then lovely Zurich in Switzerland is a must-visit spot 
  • Saint Martin in the Caribbean – in truth, the Caribbean has a range of great spots to head to where you can feel instantly younger. The diverse mix of people and culture on Saint Martin certainly does the trick though! The laid-back pace of life here lends itself to afternoons relaxing on the hotel terrace or enjoying a few drinks as you watch the world go by. For food lovers, it is also a real treat.
  • Menorca in Spain – if you want to enjoy some Spanish sun but with a quieter feel than some resorts, then Menorca is a great choice. This is actually an island just off Spain and has many wonderful beaches to enjoy. When you factor in the great food, stunning scenery and friendly locals, you can see why it is great for helping the years roll back.



Why is feeling younger so good for your health?

Getting away to one of the above holiday spots will be sure to help you have fun and also relax a little. This in turn will help you fight the signs of aging and help you to feel younger. Many of the health issues that you can face in later life are often from feeling older mentally or the effects of age or not being active on the body. Previous studies from Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny into anti-aging have shown that it can be a powerful influence on health in old age. In this respect, getting away to somewhere that can help you rejuvenate and stay active a little is worthwhile.


Pick the ideal destination where you can relax

If you are wanting to find the best way to feel young again, then travel is very effective. The new experiences you will have and the new people you will meet are brilliant at doing this. When you factor in the way that it keeps you from moping around the house at home and ensures that you stay active, it is clear why it is so great for your health as a senior citizen. Get online and get that next trip booked today – there really is no better way to fight the effects of aging!


Image credit – Seniors on beach.