Why Housesit? I admit it; I like a little bit of luxury when I travel! If I could, I would travel in luxury a lot more often – Five star hotels, fancy restaurants and cruising the Mediterranean – Yes please! But for most of us, long term luxury travel is out of reach because of high price tag.

In reality, most long term travelers stay in cheap – mid range hotels that are reasonably priced and relatively comfortable. But you’re very much reminded every day that you’re in a hotel, and often these places can lack a lot of character. The kettle and coffee sets are the same in every room, the sheets never feel as soft as they do at home, and everything in sight has the hotel’s name on it as a constant memo that you’re surrounded by that hotel atmosphere.

When you’re housesitting however, your accommodation becomes very personal, and you can find beautiful places to stay that you would never have dreamed to be accessible to you. For example, I’ve seen a listing that required a house sitter for a French castle, a penthouse apartment in Manhattan and a multimillion dollar beach house in Malibu.

Housesitting has opened up the world of luxury travel to those who couldn’t normally afford such an affluent travel lifestyle. It is revolutionizing the way we travel and changing our experiences entirely.


Why Housesit – For Luxury Accommodation - House Sit - Kitchen


Examples of luxury housesits

From a million dollar house in Florida, to beach house with your own pool set in a tropical wonderland, to a gorgeous home set in the jungle surrounded by wildlife, and everything in between, you will find more than than your typical ‘suburban’ homes that requires a sitter. These examples are all experiences that we have had, and by no means do we consider ourselves to be the kind of people that can afford this kind of luxury if we had to pay for it.

If you were to rent one of the above homes as a holiday rental, it would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. However, because of house sitting you can stay in luxury and not pay a cent for it. For us, house sitting has given us the opportunity to live a life of luxury during our perpetual travels.


Why Housesit – For Luxury Accommodation - House Sit - Pool


Exotic Locations

I mentioned the Penthouse in Manhattan and the million dollar beach homes, but we have seen some other listings that have sounded like heaven on earth. I bet a 2 week vacation on Koh Samui might tickle your fancy if it was via free accommodation in a luxury house.  Or what about having the change to stay in a beautiful home in the Caribbean for 7 weeks – That one comes from personal experience!

We have also seen house sits available in Mauritius, Maui and Mykonos. Normally staying in these places would set you back quite a bit, but of course if you housesit there, you are living there for free which means you have more cash to splurge on other things like tours, shopping or cocktails or the beach!


 Why Housesit – For Luxury Accommodation - House Sitting Information


Added bonuses

Not only are you provided with a beautiful space to live in, but there are extras that go along with the assignments that fall in line with the luxury surroundings. If you look in the right location, many housesitting assignments come with use of a private pool or hot tub, which is a far cry from hotel pools where you wrestle other visitors for sunbeds and you’re surrounded by tourists.

For me, a luxury kitchen is a little piece of heaven…and I don’t even cook all that much! There is nothing more I love than a house with a fully equipped kitchen with all the stainless steal appliances and more mod-cons that you know how to use. While its nice to eat out at a fancy restaurant, its not a realistic option for every meal. Having a beautiful kitchen to cook in actually makes me want to eat at home!

Let’s not forget the luxury of having a comfortable bed to sleep in.  You never know what you are going to get with a hotel room but with a luxury home, you are more likely going to end up with a comfortable mattress, soft linen and a pillow that will send you to sleep in seconds.

What about a bit of luxury for the boys. Michael has been known to do a little happy dance when he’s walked in to a house sit and seen a 80 inch TV mounted on the wall. And don’t get him started on the surround sound system and the Blue-Ray set up!


Why Housesit – For Luxury Accommodation - House Sit - TV - Lounge Room


Some assignments also come with use of a car or sometimes even two, allowing you to cruise around the area in style, instead of having to rent cheap vehicle to get around in or use public transport. We have been given the keys to some very nice cars during our sits, including on of my favorites; a Lexus Wagon, with heated seats (which was a god send in the winter!)

I’m not saying that every single housesitting placement is going to provide you with lavish places to live or a fancy car to drive. However, if you search hard enough, if your plans are flexible, and you base your vacation or travels around the assignment, then you could find plenty out there that will give you accommodation far nicer than you would find in an average hotel. Even the assignments based in smaller styles of accommodation feel more luxurious than staying in a hotel because you have your own space and even the tiny places can have a lot of character.


What luxury item in a housesit would you love to have?