We have already posted a Wildlife Photo Essay, but we have so many great photos we want to share more!  And the number of photos keeps growing everyday we are out on the road (so expect a Part 3 soon!).  We have always sought out the wildlife in every country we have visited.  It is one thing to see them in a zoo, but a completely different experience to see them in their own environment.

It is undoubtedly one of the best parts of our travels.  We have a soft spot for anything cute, and what’s cuter than native animals running wild.  We have come from a country where we have plenty of our own cute animals (kangaroos, koalas and quokka’s – yes, that is a real word) and now we are in search of as much wildlife as we can find throughout the rest of the world.

We have walked many a mile through jungle seeking animals, sometimes to no avail.  But the search is worth it when you find an animal in it’s element.

So, here’s another 12 photos of wildlife.  (Note; a couple of these photos were taken at animal sanctuaries, not the wild – We are yet to see a big cat in the wild!)

Wildlife Photo Essay - 1

Green Honeycreeper in Costa Rica hiding away waiting for a few bugs


Wildlife Photo Essay - 2

Deer from near the Grand Canyon. Scared the crap out of us when we were heading back to the car.


Wildlife Photo Essay - 3

Monkey waiting for some tourists food in Rio de Janerio. Turn your head for one second and BOOM it’s gone!


Wildlife Photo Essay - 4

Incredible markings on this Leopard in Costa Rica. Having a nap before dinner.


Wildlife Photo Essay - 5

White Tigers are Nicole’s favorite animal in the world. You can see why. Don’t you just want to give one a hug?


Wildlife Photo Essay - 6

A Black Squirrel in Toronto has found something to eat for a snack


Wildlife - 7

Don’t forget about me says the Grey Squirrel. There is something about squirrels and the way they move that we love. They look like they have had a shot of adrenalin and can’t stay still.


Wildlife Photo Essay - 8

Not all the animals are cute. This little guy (and he wasn’t that little), would leave a mark if you tangled with him.


Wildlife Photo Essay - 9

Hummingbird in mid-flight in Costa Rica.


Wildlife Photo Essay - 10

Beautiful Blue Butterfly. They were everywhere in Costa Rica. It would have looked quite comical watching us chase around after one waiting for it to land, so we could get a photo.


Wildlife Photo Essay - CR JAG CENT alligator

Don’t move! Don’t worry it’s just a baby Caiman.

Wildlife Photo Essay - FLORIDA Monkeys Cuddling

Two Spider Monkeys relaxing like an old couple on a porch


What’s your favorite animal you have seen in your travels?