The formerly small fishing village of Edo expanded greatly when the local shogun raised it to prominence in the 1600s, and two hundred years later the Japanese emperor moved there himself, and the city, which was rechristened Tokyo, has been flourishing ever since. There are a great many things to see and do in Japan’s capital and there is no lack of choice when it comes to accommodation; however, there is one place you simply should not miss during your visit to this metropolis.


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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is an excellent accommodation choice. This classy 5-star hotel provides guests with a respite from the hectic bustle of the nearby city. In fact, it is easy for visitors to forget that they are in the world’s most populous metropolitan area. The location of Hotel Chinzanso is very peaceful and quiet. The rooms and suites found here are both spacious and large, especially when one considers that Tokyo is a city where space is at a premium. The garden view rooms on upper floors are recommended for the best vantage points in the building.

The comfortable quarters at this hotel meet all needs of their guests and offer plenty of modern conveniences. There is Wi-Fi in all the rooms and suites. No doubt visitors here will also enjoy the incredibly soft and comfortable beds, which have been outfitted with 100% cotton, 300 thread count sheets. Travelers to this hotel have a choice of 8 different pillow types, so that they get the best possible rest. High-quality amenities are provided in the bathrooms, which contain both a shower and tub. There is even a TV in each bathroom. The hotel offers a thorough room service menu.


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The hotel’s onsite, 17-acre botanical garden is so wonderful that people often come by simply to wander the grounds. The garden is massive in size and is kept well maintained. It contains shrines, water features, and traditional pagodas. Every winter the hundreds of wild camilla trees on the hotel grounds bloom as they have done for over a hundred years. It is no surprise that weddings are common events at this location.

Guests with small children will certainly find the hotel garden is a great place for nightly firefly catching excursions in the months of May and July. In fact, the hotel annually removes the firefly larvae from the grounds and keeps them in incubators until it is warm enough to allow the insects back to their native habitat.There are free guided tours of the gardens throughout the year as well.


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The Hotel Chinzanso contains twelve different bars and restaurants. Several of the restaurants offer guests traditional Japanese cuisine. However, there are dining options within the hotel featuring both French (Camellia) and Italian (Il Teatro) food. The Serenity Garden on the rooftop can be rented out for special events. Café Foresta in the hotel is a good place to go if guests are craving dessert or other sweets. Breakfast at the hotel is served a la carte with a choice of a western or traditional Japanese breakfast. All of the restaurants provide patrons with a relaxed atmosphere and food that is an epicurean delight. The service at all of these establishments is also very good.

The building spent the past 20 or so years as a Four Seasons Hotel before its reincarnation as the Hotel Chinzanso, and the management has worked hard at updating the facility. The hotel’s furnishings are generally elegant, and the building is spotlessly clean.


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Guests can choose to partake of the onsite spa, which provides plenty of fluffy towels for them to use. There is a swimming pool in the spa area which is also available to guests. The hotel has a great gym for those staying here to use. Free mineral water and towels are available for joggers that choose to take their runs outdoors. There are 36 banquet and meeting rooms within this hotel to meet any business needs. A free morning and evening newspaper selection, including an English option, is provided to those staying here.  Yes, the hotel does have everything!

International visitors may also enjoy the “Experience Japan” tour package that is provided for guests. Other activities for hotel patrons include traditional tea ceremonies, moss ball bonsai, and festivities surrounding the summer arrival of the fireflies in the gardens. All special events need to be reserved in advance and can be arranged by contacting the hotel’s concierge services.


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The Hotel Chinzanso staff is highly professional and very helpful. The customer service at this hotel is, therefore, excellent. Most of the staff members speak English and can assist in giving directions. A concierge service is available for guests. From the more ordinary service of arranging wake-up calls to the more unusual task of providing clothing repairs, this staff goes above and beyond to facilitate a pleasant stay for customers.

Located in the Bunkyo area of the city, the hotel is a bit out of the way from the main tourist attractions. However, it is located in a very safe neighborhood. Bus 61 stops in front of the hotel, and the nearest train station is only a 15-minute walk. There is a flatter walking path at the end of the garden that runs along the river to the Edogawabashi metro station. It is more shaded than the aforementioned one, but the path closes around 9 p.m. A jogging path can also be found nearby.


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Hotel Chinzanso is a wonderful property, and we have no hesitation in recommending this establishment to anyone visiting Tokyo. With impeccable service, stunning surroundings and comfortable rooms, Hotel Chinzanso is luxury at its finest.