Frequent travelers have unquestionably been through airports that they still have nightmares about, but there are a number of facilities worldwide that will do more than exceed one’s expectations. In fact, there are several airports that even the locals visit in order to do their shopping. Travelers aren’t even left guessing as to where these seemingly mythical facilities are located because Skytrax annually publishes a list of the top airports in the world. Without further ado, here are a few of the world’s best airports that have made list for 2014.


World’s Best Airports - Singpaore


Singapore Changi Airport

While the airport’s Terminal 3 was named the second best in the world, the other two terminals are not without pizazz. A number of high-end stores such as Gucci, Prada, and Hermes can be found at this location and the airport is even more popular for shopping purposes than downtown Singapore. However, the airport’s two 24 hour nap areas might be of greater interest to travelers making their way through the facility. Those that want to stay awake and are not interested in shopping should definitely check out the multiple indoor gardens that can be found here. There are also spas, showers, hotels, a movie theater, and pools here for those passing through to enjoy. It is no surprise that the Singapore Airport has been acknowledged by Skytrax for having the best airport amenities these past six years. It has also been named the top facility in the world for the past last two years.


World’s Best Airports - Incheon International Airport


Incheon International Airport

Those who want to catch a round of golf in between their flights will feel right at home here because this facility has its own course. Should travelers prefer either blackjack or museums, they’ll still feel right at home in the biggest airport in South Korea. Aside from the aforementioned casino and Museum of Korean Culture, there is an ice skating rink, a spa, and private rooms for those traveling through this airport. Visitors might also like to stroll through the indoor gardens at this location. This airport is indeed a pleasant place for a stopover as the Airport Council International has voted it the best in the world for the past nine years and Skytrax ranked it the second best in the world for 2014.


World’s Best Airports - Munich Airport


Munich Airport

This German facility is Europe’s seventh busiest, but that hasn’t stopped it from topping the list of the world’s best airports. While there are some shopping and dining establishments at concourse Z, most of the businesses at this airport are located at the Munich Airport Center. The MAC is located in between the two terminals. It hosts a shopping mall and also is a station on the extensive local rail network. Perhaps this is because the facility has the only supermarket in the area that stays open until midnight. The second terminal is in the process of being expanded and this work is due to be completed by 2015.


World’s Best Airports - Hong Kong


Hong Kong International Airport

The location has been named the best airport by Skytrax eight years out of the past fifteen and placed 4th overall for 2014. Hong Kong International also placed number 5 on the list for airport cleanliness. This establishment prides itself on its easy to understand signs and its simple layout. Buses run from the airport to the city on regular basis, as do the local trains. Travelers may also catch a ferry directly from airport as well. Expansions are also being planned at this facility in order to better accommodate travelers.


World’s Best Airports - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Ranking in 5th place overall and coming in third for facilities serving over 50 million passengers, this airport is only 20 minutes away from the bustling city of Amsterdam. There is a railway terminal under the building but the city is also accessible by bus. Those spending any time at this location might want to check out the airport’s onsite library, which provides travelers with numerous books in many different languages. Stopping by the library is a great way for those with unexpectedly long layover to pass the time. Another interesting place at this airport is the Panoramaterras, where visitors can watch the planes land and take off. However, doing so may not be a feasible activity for those with short connecting flights because one has to leave the airport itself into order to get to the viewing platform.


What would you add to the World’s Best Airports List?


Photo credits – Singapore, Incheon, Munich, Hong Kong, & Amsterdam, Thumb Nail