It’s a fact of life that the world isn’t as safe as we’d all like it to be. And when you tell family and friends you’re heading off travelling for several months, they’re bound to be concerned for your safety. But hey, we’re not trying to scare you!

If you’re hitting the road soon and undoubtedly looking forward to your journey of discovery and fun, if you have everything packed, a decent itinerary and all your documents in one safe place then now is the time to do a little research on how you can stay safe and stop your parents from worrying (a little) while you’re out there.

Read on for some helpful traveller safety tips.



Your Insurance

Yes. Boring! Insurance seems to be a word that sucks all the fun and spontaneity out of things. But, sadly, this isn’t the movies. The idea of buying a ticket to anywhere with a few notes of cash in your back pocket seems a little foolish in today’s world. If you haven’t already, go and get yourself some international travel medical insurance. Why you ask? Well if you slip and break your leg when you get out of bed then you’re covered. If you fall and chip your teeth then you’re sorted. If you’re killed while you’re travelling, then you’ll be saving your family the heartache of struggling to repatriate your body.

Sounds a little intense, but one policy usually covers everything. So be smart and get yourself a policy! Go. I’ll wait.


Learn the Language

Okay, so you don’t need a Masters in the lingo of your chosen destination, just enough phrases and knowledge to get by. Learning a little of the native language will not only enrich your travelling experience but also help you if you’re lost, in danger, or need assistance. You might be able to ask for directions, but do you understand the reply? You can ask for the bill, but can you work out who owes what? You need medical assistance and you need to ask for help. All these are scenarios where learning a little bit of the language can really make a difference. Check out YouTube for some tutorials or check out your local college and see if they have any crash courses.



In today’s world of technology, there’s no excuse for not researching your destination first. Yes, you might want to find out things for yourself, but do you really want to run the risk of wandering into a location that’s notoriously unsafe for travellers? Finding out crime hotspots, how to dress and researching local customs will keep you in the know. And ultimately, safe.



Don’t show off your valuables

Walking around with an $800 DSLR camera in full view might be asking for trouble. So be smart and only take out your big camera on certain days. Keep everything in a safe and secure daypack when its not in use. Or better yet pack smart and don’t bring your camera at all.


If you plan correctly you can definitely keep yourself safe on the road. You shouldn’t let it stop you from enjoying the beautiful places around the world.